Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Before the sudden gloomy weather's arrival, I was able to snatch up a few pieces at Urban Outfitters about two weeks ago. It was during the much anticipated half off of whatever was already on sale...SALE! I think this is about the only time that I actually buy things at that store because I feel that they over-price items but their sale section is beyond fantastic. It didn't occur to me that I bought things in the same color range (gray....or is that a shade?) but that was okay with me. I guess it's another fashion phase. 
Sidenote: I was able to score the UNIF tank (second picture) for only $7, as opposed to the retail price of $68...such a steal :)
Anywho, three days and counting until I leave off to New York for the Teen Vogue Fashion University conference.


As always (or more often than not), I leave you with my favorite song atm.

My Week in iPhone Pictures

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Simple post about life's little treasures. I got back from California on Monday and feel like I'm playing catch-up with life. Can I please just lay underneath a palm-tree and listen to music all day long?


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