My first: In's & Out's

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I realized that I love it when other blogger post their what's 'In' and what's 'Out' for them, so I decided to do a short little one while I wait for my photos to upload onto Facebook!

- Curling my hair! I've been on a continuos hair-curling role and I love it because it gives me a clean, polished, look even if the rest of me is looking like a hot mess.

- Totes! They're so handy and fit so much in there (because I love to pack in 'just-in-case' materials). Plus, I bought so many in the UK...I gotta' put good use to those suckers.

- Chicago summer: beaches, downtown, good friends, and late night rendezvous

- Drinking tea. Oh yeah, I said it!

(Photo from Tumblr)

- Being happy...need I say more?


- Online summer courses. I really don't understand why they exist.

- Looking at my card statements and seeing how much money I've spent. It hurts...especially when high exchange rates are involved.

- Worrying about my life in 2 years. To move, or not to move...that is the question?

(Photo from Tumblr)


Monday, June 13, 2011

I'm back!...well, kind of. I've been catching up on TONS of sleep to the point where it's annoying me. Currently I'm in the process of adding my UK trip pictures onto Facebook (Scotland ones are up, now to sort through York and London). I have a mini-picture-haul coming up of things I bought in the UK- I swear, they have the best places to shop! Especially the markets during the weekend, I could spend all day there and not get bored or uninspired.
In other news, Chicago weather has been up and down but I was able to catch some rays at the beach and hit downtown to meet my favorite person, ever! :) But my lack of imagination in my wardrobe choices lets me stay at home and read, read, read. I had to update this blog for the sake of myself, so this weekend I went out with my family and decided to shoot a little OOTD. It's really simple and casual. Let me say right now, I am probably in the worst shape ever* of my human career so I had to opt for a flow-y blouse. (*gonna go on a run right after this goes up) It's not extremely baggy and doesn't look like a potato sack (a lot of 'oversized' shirts tend to look like that). Paired it with my new leopard print wedges I recently got...I love them so much! I was able to walk around the mall with them, all day. I'm so addicted to high heels/wedges lately.

And I leave you with that. My blog will be back and running in a regularly scheduled manner by later this week.


Shirt: Primark (Oxford St., London)
Pants: Banana Republic
Shoes: Forever21
Ring: Miss Selfridge (York, England)
Bag: Guess

PS: Of course I've started to become obsessed with Lady GaGa's new CD. Here's one of the songs that I have on repeat:


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