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Sunday, October 24, 2010

(Old-ish picture. Makes me miss my hair that I shaved off a bit, but it'll grow back in no time :P)

If I continue this positive streak, I will be happy for a very long, LONG, time :) I think I've finally been able to wrap my head around how I want to live my life and what steps I gotta' take in order to reach that goal. In the mean time, I'll keep myself in a cool, calm and collected state -of-mind. 


Friday, October 22, 2010

So, I've recently gone through a minor shoe faze and these are my Top 3 shoes that I have drooled over, fallen in love and now have in my possession. I present to babies:
(Jeffrey Campbell Lita boots in Mustard <3. I definitely feel like I'll get a couple of staredowns because of the height, but I don't care, they're beautiful and I was inspired to get them through thestyleplaylist , check out her blog.)

( Jeffrey Campbell K-Genius wedges in gray and black <3 Super comfy! ) 

(The image is from the book Facehunter. That book is fabulous :) )

( Irregular Choice Itsy Bitsy Betsy Peep-toe Heels <3 The big bow is just so fun and these are super comfortable too, ah! )

(The bottom of the heels are super cute too!)

Shoes can make anybody smile  :)

Why TJMAXX Makes Me Happy

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I was going through my iPhoto Library and came across the folder with 10/03/10 marked on it and saw these photos in it. It was a mini-shopping trip I took for myself to go get workout things to get me motivated and I ended up coming out with these things:
(How amazing is this pack? I saw it and the wrapping alone suckered me into it. I've never purchased Vogue Italia, or any international Vogue for that matter)

(It came with all of these magazines in it! Pretty badass and not to mention that I can read 90% of the Italian in there thanks to my less than decent Spanish skills, hehe)
(Boots bought on impulse. SOOOO COMFY!)
(I actually bought yoga pants and a tank to get my mind right. Note to self: Actually start working out)
(The best way to get in the grind is to buy magazines with beautiful toned bodies and how to just better your lifestyle. I sound like a health freak...but I'm not...yet)
( Yeah,yeah, Yoga makes me all zen and whatnot, helps me balance my body and life. And what's there to say about this chicken book? 100 recipes for a chicken lover like me= HEAVEN!)
(I just needed to buy water and when I came across VOSS water I was super.fucking.happy. I've been wanting this water for a year now? I always seemed to not have the right timing at Whole Foods - always sold out. I just love the glass bottle and how huge it is. Got my mommy a big and little one because she's a bottle/cute package lover like me)


Day ZERO: No More Days

(Today, 10/19/10)
I've been doing things in such a formulaic way with this blog. I'm done numbering my days, limiting myself to one post a day. If I wanna' post materialistic wants, I will. If I wanna' whine and complain, I will. If I wanna' share the biggest news of my life, I will (and even if not one person reads it). One thing will remain constant, I'm going to keep posting pictures and keep experimenting with life. On the positive side, tomorrow is the Passion Pit concert and then I'm going home for the school's homecoming weekend, ironic...I know, but I have Halloween to enjoy down here at UofI :P

Day 10: All You Need To Say To Me

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

(Yesterday, 10/5/10)
I should be studying my ass off right now for my midterms tomorrow but instead I fall into the internet trap. I have my advisor meeting in roughly an hour and am nervous about asking her for study abroad options. Yup, I wanna' study abroad. Illinois is boring me. The United States is boring me. I talk so much about packing my bag and leaving but never do it, so it's time to! I really hope that I can go to Korea/Japan this winter break and then go to London in the summertime to study and then maybe to Dublin in the next Spring semester. I have such a farfetched mind. 

Day 9: And Darling

Monday, October 04, 2010

Small post: I like to dance.

Day 8: First of the Month

Friday, October 01, 2010

(I realized that I like to super edit my photos for this blog, so I'll keep it that way for now :P)

Happy first of the month! It's always a good feeling to know that it's a fresh beginning every 30 to 31 days, but it means time is flying :( After much needed sleep, I can begin to feel a little more secure in decisions I'm making and I feel like I'm taking matters into my own a good way. 

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